Dr. Shiver and David Allen – “Chemistry” reached 4 Million streams on Spotify!

Dr. Shiver and David Allen - "Chemistry" has been played more than 4 MILLION times on Spotify! Go have a listen and you'll understand the reason why.. (more…)

Art&Music Recording Studios Tour

It was the year 2012 when the talented Dr. Shiver opened his doors to artists and music industry’s icons. Remember, what happens at the Art&Music Studios, goes out to the world and becomes epic! ✨



Dr. Shiver ft. Kazi – Something (Acapella) After the huge success of last year’s edition we now present you: Protocol Acapellas Vol. 4! (more…)


"Comfort Zone" by Dr. Shiver ft Alexia Woods is only the last of a long list of tracks that were created in our studios and supported by the one and only Tomorrowland. (more…)


What a great Christmas present we got in the mail today! 6 years going strong of being a Steinberg certified training centre. 🎅🏻🎉 (more…)


Matisse & Sadko is a Russian DJ and production duo from St.Petersburg, consisting of brothers Alexander and Yury Parkhomenko. They are best known for their collaborations with Dutch DJ Martin Garrix in tracks "Dragon"  (more…)

Frank Ocean @Art&Music Studios

Today the king of R&B music stopped by our Studios. We're talking about Mr. Frank Ocean, the 31-year-old guy from the US who has been ghostwriter for artists of the likes of Justin Bieber  (more…)

Fatman Scoop @Art&Music Studios

The hype man, promoter and radio personality famous for his on-stage rough and loud voice Fatman Scoop, stopped by our Studios (more…)

Chris Nolan @Art&Music Studios

The Italian producer Chris Nolan visited our Studios! Nolan is mostly know for producing talents like Tedua and is part of the Wild Bandana Crew! It was so cool having you with us! (more…)

Federico Gardenghi is Back to Art&Music Studios

Federico Gardenghi, one of the youngest deejay in the music scene to perform at DJ Mag's live stream, is back to the Art&Music Recording Studios, showing once again his amazing talent. What’s cooking here? (more…)

Polina @Art&Music Studios

Our friend Polina has stopped by our Studios today! Polina is a Russian House DJ, who has won a Grammy together with Eminem and has collaborated with artists of the likes of Steve Aoki, Tiesto and Kaskade. (more…)

“Prophet” by David Allen Has Been Featured in Tomorrowland’s Official Video!

We're proud to announce that "Prophet" by David Allen has been featured in this official video of Tomorrowland, the magical gathering of people sharing a common passion (more…)

#TechWeek Tip #5

"How to have a super low end in super low keys" - Here we are! The last episode of #TECHWEEK straight from the our Studios is out now! 📢 (more…)

#TechWeek Tip #4

"Always Tweak Your Chords" - Here we are! The fourth episode of  #TechWeek straight from our Studios is out now! 📢 (more…)

#TechWeek TIP #3

  "How To Handle References" - Here we are! The third episode of #TechWeek straight from the Art&Music Studios is out! 📢 (more…)

#TechWeek TIP #2

“How to Tweak Your Guitars” - Here we are! The second episode of #TechWeek straight from the Art&Music Studios is out! 📢 (more…)

#TechWeek TIP #1

“Break the Rules” - Check the first video of our #TechWeek. (more…)

Masterclass Something PT.1 [OUT NOW!]

In this Masterclass Dr. Shiver himself reveals some tips and tricks behind the making of “Something”, his hit track released on the superstar DJ Nicky Romero's  (more…)

Masterclass Something PT.2 [OUT NOW!]

Here's the second and final part of the Masterclass of "Something", Dr. Shiver 's hit track released on the superstar DJ Nicky Romero's  (more…)

“Kubera” by David Allen Has Been Featured in Tomorrowland’s Aftermovie!

We're proud to announce that "Kubera" by David Allen has been featured in the aftermovie of Tomorrowland, (more…)

Pharrell Williams is in our Studios!

One of the biggest producers and singers ever, Pharrell Williams, just stopped in our Studios for a huge Session. (more…)

Michael Feiner Has Something to Say

The original and authentic voice of "Together"- the worldwide famous hit by the Swedish duo Axwell Ʌ Ingrosso - (more…)

“The Vad Vuc” in our studios

We’ve had the pleasure of having the Swiss band “The Vad Vuc” in our studios for a recording session together with  (more…)

Promise Land @ Art&Music Studios

The Italian music duo formed by Fabio Ranucci  and Nazario Pelusi, better known as Promise Land, have stopped by our Studios! Promise Land have collected several achievements, between which we can find (more…)

Shapov & NEW_ID @ Art&Music Studios

Crazy session with  Shapov & NEW_ID today at Art&Music Studios  Our buddy Shapov has become worldwide known for producing the banger "Belong" together with the top DJ Axwell as well as (more…)

Daddy’s Groove @Art&Music Studios

Our friends Daddy’s Groove stopped by our Studios for the Art&Music Label Night!



We're very happy to announce that  TOP DJ 's finale will be hosted in our Studios 🎧 Our boss Dr. Shiver has been musical executive producer of (more…)

Nek @Art&Music Studios

Filippo Neviani, better known as NEK, stopped by our Studios! During his 25-year-long career, the incredible pop-rock songwriter currently signed to (more…)

Daddy’s Groove + Tony Ciotola @ ART&MUSIC STUDIOS

Signed to Spinnin' Records, the Italian House music group Daddy’s Groove have done loads of incredible collaborations with worldwide known DJs and musicians such as  (more…)

Raphael Gualazzi @ ART&MUSIC STUDIOS

Today we've had the pleasure of having the Italian songwriter and pianist Raphael Gualazzi in our Studios! Raphael Gualazzi reached the second place both at the 2011's edition of Eurovision Song Contest and at the (more…)

John Christian, Arin Tone, Peter, Thomas back @Art&Music Studios!

John Christian, his colleagues Peter, Thomas and Arin Tone and of course our boss Dr. Shiver are back together to our Studios! John Christian is a Dutch DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist, who has become known for the remix of (more…)

Claudio Cecchetto and Pierpa Peroni @Art&Music Studios

Today two friends who have done a lot for both the Italian music and radio have stopped by our studios: Claudio Cecchetto e Pierpa Peroni #TOPDJ #radiodeejay Claudio Cecchetto is an (more…)

Albert Marzinotto @Art&Music Studios

Top Dj's winner Albert Marzinotto in our Studios! Our boss Dr. Shiver has been musical executive producer of the show, which is currently broadcasting on (more…)


Ola & Dr. Shiver at work in our studios! Ola has become known internationally for the hit "I'm in Love", although he had already received a nomination for the (more…)