Dr. Shiver and David Allen – “Chemistry” reached 500+K on Spotify!

Dr. Shiver and David Allen - "Chemistry" has been played more than half a million times on Spotify! Go have a listen and you'll understand the reason why.. SUMMER ANTHEM🔥 FOLLOW DR. SHIVER: Facebook  Instagram Twitter FOLLOW DAVID ALLEN Facebook Instagram Twitter FOLLOW TURNITUP MUZIK Facebook Twitter Instagram     David Meccariello, known as David Allen, was born in 1998 in Benevento. He is a truly talented musician: he approached piano when he was 8 years old and then quickly learnt to play guitar. His passion for music and eclectism pushed him to play drums when, in 2012, dance music finally hooked him and he started to produce. David has always been very humble, willing to learn, grow up and improve his artistic skills. He worked hard for several years before making his debut in order to develop his own artistic identity and skills. He got the chance to work in the studio with some great artists like Polina, Shapov, John Christian, SWACQ, Daddy’s Groove, Micheal Feiner, and his tracks can boast supports from the biggest djs in the world like David GuettaHardwellNicky RomeroDimitri Vegas & Like MikeAfrojack just to name a few… In May 2017, David released one of his most brilliant tracks titled “Kubera”, that quickly climbed the 1001Tracklists charts, got played by all major Djs worldwide and last but not least, has been chosen as a background track for the official after movie of Tomorrowland 2017! After the success of “Kubera”, in October he released “Wusu” with Dr. Shiver. The track reached the #18 position on 1001 Tracklists for 2 weeks in a row thanks to all the supports received. Bruno Carlo Oggioni better known by his stage name Dr. Shiver, is an Italian record producer, musician, pianist, DJ,remixer and label manager. He started working in the music business in 1999, conceived his own record label, Art&Music Recording, in 2002 and opened the  Art&Music Studios based in Italy in October 2012. Born and raised in Milan, Dr. Shiver started his career playing piano, Hammond organ, harp and synthesizers at early age of 5 years old. He performed, produced and worked along with both international and Italian artists, such as Pharrell Williams, Mike Larson, Little Louie VegaB.B.KingShapovNew_IDPolinaOla, Ray Bryant, Marvin Floyd, Claudio Cecchetto, Lucio Dalla, Angelo BranduardiAlexia, and many more. With a classical and blues background, he then approached dance music and began his career as a producer, sound engineer and songwriter. In 2012 he discovered and signed Mama Lover, the hit single by Russian trio Serebro, which quickly became a multi platinum record. He has done several tracks that have reached high positions in the Beatport charts. Together with his trio, Doc MC, he has produced the track Catch Me, presented at the worldwide final episode of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. In September 2015, Dr. Shiver released the first official and authorised remix of You Got The Love by Candi Staton: the track quickly climbed the UK top-10 POP chart, got played in all major worldwide dance music festivals and clubs and, last but not least, has been chosen as a background track for the official after movie of the last Tomorroworld. Dr. Shiver is actually supported by many fellow international DJs, such as Martin GarrixDavid GuettaTiëstoW&WAfrojackNicky RomeroFedde Le GrandJohn ChristianSander Van DoornAviciiShapovR3hab and many more. He has also been involved in the production of all the singles released by the finalists of the Italian Talent Show TOP DJ (Sky Italia) in both 2014 and 2015 editions and, in 2016, he became the official musical producer of this Talent Show that was then broadcasted on Italia 1. 2017 has been a year which deserves to be high lined for Dr. Shiver, who made his official debut on the biggest venue on Earth, Tomorrowland Belgium. Later in 2017, he released “Something” on Protocol Recordings , leading to an ever-growing collaboration. Together with dj superstar Nicky Romero, Dr. Shiver presented his latest track “Something” live on stage at the Protocol 5 year ADE party.

Pharrell Williams is our studios!

One of the biggest producers and singers ever, Pharrell Williams just stopped in our studios for a huge Session