Polina @Art&Music Studios

Our friend Polina has stopped by our Studios today! Polina is a Russian singer, songwriter

who has won a Grammy together with Eminem and has collaborated with artists of the likes of Steve Aoki, Tiesto and Kaskade.

Her hit “Book of Love” was recorded right in our Studios, together with the artist Felix Jaehn.


The A&M Studios represent one of the best facilities in Europe for music recording,

both for quality of the construction techniques applied as well as for their versatility and comfort.

Great consideration was given to design perfection and to the realization of a complete sound insulation of the rooms,

in order to make them perfectly fit for each function (recording, editing, mixing, post-production, mastering).


A surface of more than 200 square metres divided into 5 shooting areas, a Drum Booth,

a Piano Booth and a 100 square metres Main Recording Areas among the others,

which allow up to 50 orchestrals simultaneously.

All locations are completely soundproof, equipped with autonomous ventilation

systems and are all connected to each other as well as to both Control Rooms.


Art&Music Recording is a record label, booking agency, publishing company and 

recording studio founded in 2002 by Dr. Shiver, CEO and partner together with Omar Zenzon.

The label’s focused on dance music, especially House, Progressive House,

Electro House, Deep House, Future House, EDM, Pop Dance and Trap Music.