Main Recording Area

More than 200 square meters of surface divided into 5 shooting points, including a Drum Booth, a Piano Booth and a Main Recording Area of ​​110 square meters, give the possibility to host up to 50 orchestras at the same time. All spaces are perfectly insulated on an acoustic level, have independent ventilation systems and are all connected to each other and with both Control Rooms. The linear arrangement and the glazing system between one shooting point and the other also allow a visual communication between all the rooms and between these and the Control Room. The large space of the Main Recording Area can also be used for the creation of video clips and television formats, thanks to the Full HD video cable, which also includes all other shooting points.

(1) Yamaha Disklavier DC6 E3 Grand Piano
(1) Hammond B3 Organ con Leslie 147 (played by BB King in his last european concert)

Via Degli Orsini 2, Gallarate
Tel: 0331.1910001
P.iva 06584530965